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    Ultimate Fan Battle: Nominate Your Pop-Culture Favorites Now!

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    Lea Michele, Yoda, Jensen Ackles, Jennifer Lawerence, Robert Pattinson, Lady Gaga
    Lea Michele, Yoda, Jensen Ackles, Jennifer Lawerence, Robert Pattinson, Lady Gaga FOX; Lucasfilms; The CW; Lionsgate; Summit; NPG
    Ultimate Fan Battle

    Bring us your dedicated, your passionate, your shippers and maybe a few haters too. Bring us your fans!

    ‘Cause we're ready to start the ultimate battle royal to determine which fandom has the best fans ever. And we're not doing it alone: We're partnering up with Team Watch With Kristin to make sure everyone has an opportunity to be heard.

    So which fandoms deserve a shot at the title?!

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    It's up to you to decide. So start nominating your faves now!

    We know the Twi-hards will represent for their vampy franchise (of course!) and Robsten-ites will compete very aggressively for their favorite couple, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

    And we expect the Hunger Games-lovin' Mockingjays to speak up too. But we want to hear from everyone:

    We want the Beliebers who tweet up a storm for (now legal!) Justin Bieber, the Trekkies and Star Wars devotees, the Gleeks and…well, even the fans that don't have a name yet!

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    Are there names for Taylor Swift fans? You tell us! What about Jennifer Aniston or World of Warcraft folks?!

    If you're a fan, round your fandom up and you will be heard. Whether you're fanning for a box-office franchise, TV series, musician, actor, video game or whatever else...this is your chance!

    Sound off below! Team Truth and Team WWK will jointly tally the results. The competition will begin in Kristin's column later this week. Are you ready?

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