Brad Pitt, Maddox


Thanks to his globe-trotting parents, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Maddox has already been all over the world. But could he one day be touring the planet as a big-time musician?

Time will tell, of course, what any of the couple's kids will wind up doing in the future.

But if Brad and Maddox's trip to a guitar shop in Hollywood yesterday is any indication, the eldest Jolie-Pitt—who's 10—might very well be on his way to rock stardom.

Father and son were spotted at the famed Guitar Center store on Sunset Boulevard, where they purchased both a six-string and an amp.

Mind you, the items may not have actually been for Brad's kid. But let's face it, the name Maddox does have "rock star" written all over it, no?

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