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We can hardly keep up with the fresh young couples popping up all over H'Wood, and naturally we've pegged a few of our faves: Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Cory Monteith & Lea Michele and Jennifer Lawrence & Nicholas Hoult. What a sexy bunch, right?!

And while we'd kill to see each of these gorgeous twosomes go the distance, we also know that almost never happens in Hollyweird.

So, who will we see strut down the aisle and who's set for a total breakup bust?!

Let's start with the swoon-worthy:

Justin and Selena, who we originally thought would be the first to call it quits, have officially proven they've got some serious potential (and the legal stamp of approval!) to go the distance in this breakup-friendly biz.

Why? Well, besides the fact the duo looks friggin' adorable in every photo, we think they sprinkle their sightings with just enough PDA to keep their fans (and this team) happy. 'Cause even though the Biebs recently shot down rumors of an engagement, he and Selena aren't afraid to give us a peek into their charming relaysh. Sounds like the perfect formula for success, no? Prediction: Stay the Distance.

Which brings us to the next couple who's been totally mum, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, who we've seen together, like, twice, since they first began dating back in 2007. And really? While we're all for giving celebs some privacy, we think this twosome's been much too quiet—annoyingly so.

If ya ask us, staying this silent only fires up the rumor mill, which can't be good for a notoriously rocky relationship. Now a ring photo puh-lease, so we can at least try to get excited about the (alleged) engagement…Prediction: Bust Up (Again).

But if you don't mind the rumors, there's always Cory Monteith and Lea Michele, who have topped the tabloids with their dating gossip as of late (and have yet to confirm or deny a relaysh). And while we worship these two on the boob tube, we're hardly fond of an off-screen romance.

After all, Lea is the bigger star and we have to wonder how long until Cory's jealous of his leading lady. We say stick to the small screen—unless of course, you're looking for more goss on the Glee set (always a plus). Prediction: Fun for a Sec!

So, last but not least is our favorite big-screen couple (with the exception of Robsten duh), Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult, who have recently satisfied our hungry hearts with a few sweet sightings. The couple met while filming X-Men First Class and have been going steady ever since—so much so that J.Law even dished some deets to Glamour mag (à la K.Stew) on her hunky British beau.  

And for a gal who's about to embark on a life-changing role, we think Jen and Nic have handled the PDA and crazy paps par-fait. They've given us a few swoon-worthy photos, but also kept the rumors under wraps. Prediction: Stay the Distance.

So there ya have it, Awful readers: We think Jen and Nic and Selena and Justin have what it takes, and would just maybe prefer if Justin and Jess and Cory and Lea would go away (or 'fess up a little).

But what say you, Awful readers? Which of these hot young couples has what it takes to go the distance? Sound off below!

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