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    Hunger Games Photos Galore! Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson Get the Capitol Treatment!

    The Hunger Games Lionsgate

    Sure, the world may be watching when The Hunger Games hits theaters March 23, but we're already taking a peek…and we like what we see!

    Apparently so do you all, 'cause the film is on track to score an opening weekend even bigger than Twilight's $70 mil haul. So with (only!!!) 22 days left until the movie's big debut, we think it's safe to say everyone is in full-on Games mode.

    And this slew of new pics from the flick will satisfy even the most rabid of tributes. While Katniss (aka Jennifer Lawrence) does looks gorgeous, someone else has caught our eye…

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    The Hunger Games Lionsgate


    That's right, while we've been busy lusting over Liam Hemsworth (Team Gale FTW!), we forgot just how handsome Mr. Josh Hutcherson is. Something we immediately remember after peeping the photo of him with his hair slicked back in a fancy Capitol suit. Swoon!

    Plus, the pic of him getting all artsy with his special-effects makeup is just insanely cool.

    But back to the futuristic fashion—we're served up some seriously chic couture courtesy of the hoity-toity citizens of the Capitol, what with their over-the-top bows, oodles of ruffles and flashy, attention-grabbing makeup.

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    It's almost as fierce as the looks you all came up with!

    Now get to clicking our Hunger Games flick pics gallery for more photos—with appearances by Elizabeth Banks, Lenny Kravitz and President Snow himself, Donald Sutherland—and then let us know just how anxious you are for the movie to premiere.

    Or just gush over Joshy Hutcherson, we're cool with that too!

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