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    New Mirror Mirror Photos Revealed: Is Lily Collins Stealing Kristen Stewart's Snow White Spotlight?

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    Mirror Mirror
    Mirror Mirror Relativity Media

    Consider this a Snow White fight without a fairytale ending.

    ‘Cause tons more Mirror Mirror photos have officially been revealed and we must admit, Lily Collins looks stunning as the fairest of them all—dare we say, much more elegant than Kristen Stewart's tough-girl take.

    So, have we changed our tune about which Snow White should be on top?

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    Um, heck no!

    Obviously, we're still going with the badass version of the cutesy children's tale, but these new photos have made us much more optimistic about  Mirror Mirror's release.

    ‘Cause before? Julia Roberts just felt boring compared to the fierce Charlize Theron. Armie Hammer could hardly keep up with Chris Hemsworth's hotness. And Lily Collins? Well, she certainly lacks that unattainable Kristen Stewart appeal.

    But now? Hammer's blue-eyes are sparkling, Lil's brows are looking par-fait and Julia's rocking that bit of mystery we so desperately wanted to see. And seriously, how friggin' adorable are those dwarves?!

    Now that the Mirror Mirror release date has officially been moved to closer to Snow White and the Huntsman, we're thinking this Snow White smackdown is about to swing into full gear.

    So, who do you prefer? Sweet as pie like Lily Collins? Or total tough chick like Kristen Stewart?

    Check out all the new pics in the Mirror Mirror gallery and tell us whose Snow White look is really the fairest of them all!

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    PHOTOS: Mirror Mirror Gallery




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