Katherine Heigl

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Katherine Heigl is having a cow.

And she's not staying silent about it.

What's got her goat? Read on to find out.

PETA exclusively tells me that the former Grey's Anatomy star has sent a letter to every member of the Utah Senate urging them to vote against HB 187, a bill that would criminalize undercover filming of farms.

"My husband and I married in Utah, and I've been proud to call the state home for the last couple of years," Heigl writes in the letter. "This bill makes our state's agricultural community seem desperate to hide illegal and inhumane treatment of animals from the public. As animals cannot defend themselves, the public must maintain its right to document illegal cruel practices in order to alert law enforcement to its existence."

Similar bills were shot down last year in Florida, New York, Minnesota and Iowa, according to PETA. The Utah senate has until March 8 to move on their bill.

Heigl writes, "I hope that legislators in Utah recognize that they need to work to prevent cruelty to animals by strengthening laws, not penalizing those who are trying to expose this cruelty."

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