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    And The Most Tweeted-About Celebs at the Oscars Are...

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    Heat Gauge 2012
    Heat Gauge 2012

    From Angelina Jolie's attention-starved right leg to Sacha Baron Cohen's ashing of Ryan Seacrest, the Oscars gave us many moments to tweet about! And through all the tweeting, E!'s Heat Gauge powered by Mass Relevance was there tracking everything to figure out which stars you cared most about last night!

    Overall, a total of 1,450,281 mentions of celebs were tweeted out! Some of those definitely helped score each of our Live From the Red Carpet hosts Ryan, Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne and Ben Lyons their own worldwide trending topics throughout the night. 

    So who were the biggest social stars? Let's break it down:

    Top 5 Female Celebs:
    1. Meryl Streep: 133,815 mentions
    2. Angelina Jolie: 99,722 mentions
    3. Jennifer Lopez: 80,638 mentions
    4. Emma Stone: 78,073 mentions
    5. Viola Davis: 42,381 mentions

    Top 5 Male Celebs:
    1. George Clooney: 100,023 mentions
    2. Brad Pitt: 59,308 mentions
    3. Jean Dujardin: 55,986
    4. Christopher Plummer: 51,621 mentions
    5. Chris Rock: 39,033 mentions

    Top 5 Best Pictures Nominees:
    1. Hugo: 155,979 mentions
    2. The Artist: 84,517 mentions
    3. The Help: 37,267 mentions
    4. Midnight in Paris: 14,031 mentions
    5. The Descendants: 11,304 mentions

    We've put together even more Twittter stats from Oscar night, check it out (or get our full-size PDF):

    Heat Gauge

    How Meryl Streep was able to out do Angelina's infamous leg, we'll never know but there you have it! What was your favorite moment from last night?!

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