Dan Lindsay, Rich Littlemas, T.J. Martin


"We meant no offense," TJ Martin, one of the documentary filmmakers behind Undefeated, proclaimed backstage—right after he was bleeped for saying his win was "f--king awesome."

Any regrets?

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"It's just heartbreaking that we got cut off," lamented Martin, who said he would have liked more time to talk about his P. Diddy-produced movie.

The champagne-flute holding Diddy, by the way, was grandstanding backstage during Martin's talk. F-words seemed the last thing on the festive man's mind.

When I reminded Martin that he's actually the second person to say the f-word on live Oscar TV—after Melissa Leo last year, Martin blushed.

I asked if this was some sort of one-upping?

"No," Martin explained, "It's just that you have 45 seconds to say everything."

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