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    Will The Artist's Uggie Crash the Oscars Red Carpet?

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    Jean Dujardin, Uggie, Missi Pyle
    Jean Dujardin, Uggie, Missi Pyle ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images
    Oscar Watch

    Uggie fans, take heed!

    Because apparently there is a chance we'll see The Artist's scene-stealing pooch today. And no, not in a prerecorded skit—we're talking in the flesh…uh, we mean fur! Because while we heard from Academy sources that Uggie would not be making an appearance, his costars hint otherwise…

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    "I don't know that Uggie is going to the Oscars," Missi Pyle—who plays a silent movie actress desperate for fame in the black-and-white flick—told us at The Hollywood Reporter's 2012 Nominees Night. "But I imagine he might crash the red carpet."

    Dare we dream?!

    The doggie never really stood a chance at getting a nom (no pooch in cinematic history has, apparently), but he did deliver a winning performance in the movie, which is a front-runner for Best Picture.

    So why shouldn't he be there to enjoy the celebration with his costars?

    Ugg's certainly proven his red carpet etiquette, pleasing audiences and fellow actors alike at this year's Golden Globes, and his awards-show savvy, taking home Best Dog in a Theatrical Film at the Golden Collar Awards.

    We'll keep our fingers crossed for a last-minute surprise!

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    Meanwhile, The Artist's cast will have their fingers crossed for a win. We asked Ms. Pyle (who looked pretty fab in a glitzy nude frock) why she thought the movie should take home the top honor:

    "It's a movie that is a great risk, but it's ultimately art and it's what, I think, this whole competition is about," she explained. "In this day and age you have your Avatars and so much 3-D and so many special effects, and to go back to simple storytelling and tell a beautiful story that really touches people to the core—people walk away loving it."

    We'll just have to wait and see! Team Awful will be backstage during the big show and hitting up the party scene afterward, so keep checking back for all sorts of Oscar day coverage, hairy and otherwise!

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