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    Dancing With the Stars' Derek Hough and Mark Ballas Tweeting Mad About Dance Moms Teacher

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    Abby Lee Miller, Derek Hough, Mark ballas
    Abby Lee Miller, Derek Hough, Mark ballas Lifetime; Mark Davis/Getty Images; Giulio Marcocchi/Sipa Press

    Derek Hough and Mark Ballas know about teaching someone how to dance under the glare of the reality TV spotlight.

    And while these two Dancing With the Stars pros have been largely supportive of their fellow cast members' varying instruction methods, they both take major issue with Abby Lee Miller, the woman behind Lifetime's controversial show Dance Moms.

    So just what did these DWTS dudes have to say about Miller's methods?

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    "I'm sorry but this Dance mom show is straight up abusive," Hough tweeted Wednesday. "Kids Run !!!!!! It ain't right. Child abuse isn't right. I'm livid right now."

    He continued: "[There's] nothing productive about screaming and making little girls cry over being on the wrong foot."

    Ballas, 25, tweeted, "Watching dance moms…. Anyone watch this show?? This teacher lady is crazy… Completely wrong attitude towards the kids, [it's] embarrassing."

    He said that "correct teaching is patience, discipline, confidence building and love" and tweeted that Miller "needs a reality check."

    "Dance is meant to be fun and inspirational, not abusive," Ballas wrote. "Kids are impressionable and I don't want young children being afraid to take up dance because of this lady."

    Hough agreed with his pal that Miller's teaching methods are far too severe "There's a difference between being strict and being abusive," he wrote.

    Miller, for her part, seems comfortable with her methodology, telling The View on Tuesday that she's been teaching kids for 30 years.

    "Every child learns differently. Some kids you have to yell at. Some kids you have to take a baseball bat—which is foam rubber, by the way—and straighten that knee…And I don't have a lot of time to pussyfoot around."

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