What a pranksta, this guy.

Before you get your full Jersey Shore dosage tonight, E! News is giving you a little taste of how loving and sincere the roommates are to each other.

After leaving Jenks nightclub, Pauly D notices Deena bringing a guy back to the house for a little smushfest. But before they can get it on, Pauly makes sure to set the mood for his good friend.

While Deena plays host to her man friend outside, Pauly decides to grab the most random kitchen appliances and dirty dishes (oh, and a tub of protein powder because she might need that with what's to come) and lays them all over her bed.

Gross, right?!

The best part is Deena barely even notices all the ish on her bed! The even better part is Pauly manages to turn it around so she apologizes to him!

You gotta watch the clip to see how it all goes down.

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