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Downton Abbey Season Finale Sneak Peek: Black Christmas

Too soon, Downton Abbey, too soon.

Sunday night's two-hour season finale of the phenomenal period drama is the last we'll see of our beloved Crawley family—at least until its third-season return, which is ages away.

Meanwhile, we must cherish the dramatic conclusion, which the previews promise is full of drama, suspense, terror and romance…   

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It's Christmastime, but the family and servants have little cause for celebration. Housemaid Anna (Joanne Froggatt) is despondent as her new husband Bates' (Brendan Coyle) trial approaches for the murder of his horrid first wife.

And despite his grief and guilt over the death of his fiancée Lavinia, Matthew (Dan Stevens) finally seems ready to fight (literally) for his true love, Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery).  

Alas, Mary seems irrevocably bound to her fiancé, ghastly newspaper magnate Sir Richard Carlisle (Iain Glen, Game of Thrones' Ser Jorah), who has the power to destroy her and her family if she refuses to marry him.

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We have a tidy solution: Sir Richard is exposed as Mrs. Bates' real killer (putting a stop to her blackmail and ensuring he is the only outsider privy to Mary's secret), freeing both Bates and Mary in one fell swoop.

Will the upstairs and downstairs star-crossed lovers ever find happiness? Or will the season end in tragedy? And who is haunting footman Thomas (Robert James-Collier)?

To find out, tune in to PBS Sunday at 9 p.m.!

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