Anne Hathaway

AP Photo/Matt Sayles

How do celebs like Anne Hathaway or Marcia Cross stay so pale? I'd swear that they were vampires had I not seen pics of them frolicking in the sunshine.

Look more closely next time you spot Marcia Cross cavorting on the beach. You sure you don't see a few puffs of smoke, with maybe some accompanying sizzling noises?

And according to skin doctors to the stars, someone like her or Hathaway may have a certain skin type that simply hates the sun. "They just cannot tan," explains Beverly Hills dermatologist-to-the-stars Susan Evans. "They burn, but they don't tan."

They also use supergrade sun block—not necessarily expensive—that contains titanium or zinc.

Now, let's knock down some more of your Burning Q's!

Why does it seem so many actresses have C-sections? Is it a sneaky way to have plastic surgery while they're at it?

Quite the echo in this wind tunnel, eh? Because they can schedule them. And a simultaneous tummy tuck is rare, if not impossible, docs say. But very soon after? Absolutely.

Britney never looks happy anymore. Comments?

Maybe the extensions are just too tight.

Is Paris Hilton pregnant?

Of course not. We would have seen the ultrasound on YouTube by now.

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