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The day of love is drawing near.

So while we devote our admiration toward exciting new lines and hot trends during New York Fashion Week, Zoë Kravitz—who admits that she just rolls out of bed and still looks super chic (ugh!)—discussed what she'll be doing on cupid's special day with her special man, Penn Badgley.

An exotic trip? A candlelit dinner on the beach at sunset? Nope, these two are keepin' it simple.

"I don't know what we're gonna do yet, we do wanna do something romantic—go to dinner or something. But we'll probably just keep it quiet."

Fair enough. But Penn's gotta have something up his sleeve for his main squeeze being the super romantic guy that he is, right?!

"You know, I guess we'll find out," Kravitz told us. Can't wait!

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