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Confession: We've got a "heart-on" for Sugar Motta and we don't care who knows it! Vanessa Lengies is cute and quirky and causing some lovely drama in this week's Valentine's Day episode of Glee.

Check out this sneak peak video to see who's trying to win Sugar's heart and meet Puck's newest lady (or should we say ladies)...

The Troubletones original is starting a rivalry in the New Directions when she's trying to decide between Artie (Kevin McHale) and Rory (Damian McGinty) to be her date for her over-the-top Valentine's Day bash. All paid for by daddy, of course!

Artie's version of "Let Me Love You" and the fellas' super-sweet dance moves will whisk you back to the good ol' days of boy bands. We're still hoping for an Acafellas 2.0! And while we're not sure yet how Rory is going to top this, we hope he's got some of that Irish luck on his side because Sugar seems smitten.

Tune into the all-new episode of Glee Tuesday at 8 p.m. on Fox!

We're chatting with Vanessa Lengies this afternoon, so make sure you send us any questions you have for her upcoming storyline in the comments! (Besides where she got that awesome tiara.)

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