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    Five Things We Learned About the Bourne Legacy Trailer—For Starters, There's No Matt Damon

    Where in the world is Jason Bourne?

    That's the question some moviegoers will be asking when they see The Bourne Legacy, the latest installment in Universal's big-screen series based on author Robert Ludlum's spy novels—especially now that everyone's favorite amnesiac CIA operative played by Matt Damon is (temporarily?) sidelined in favor of a new hero.

    With the trailer for Legacy now in the wild, here are five things we learned about the Tony Gilroy-helmed flick, which shoots its way into theaters Aug. 3.

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    THE BOURNE LEGACY Universal Pictures

    1. Who Is That Masked Man? Hot off his boffo box-office success as second banana to Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol, Jeremy Renner is the star of the fourth entry, though by the criss-cross way the trailer opens, it might be a little hard to tell it's his banged-up mug.

    THE BOURNE LEGACY Universal Pictures

    2. There's Action—and Plenty of It: Renner plays Aaron Cross, a new, mysterious secret agent apparently from Reno(?) and not far off from his Ghost Protocol M.O.—meaning he kicks serious butt—all the while being hunted down by bad guys for what we don't yet know. Here he's caught up in a shootout, evading a hail of bullets and shards of glass. Did we mention there are explosions, too?

    THE BOURNE LEGACY Universal Pictures

    3. What's Up With the Hulk? Though he failed to reprise his role as the not-so-jolly green giant in Marvel's upcoming Avengers movie—having been replaced by Mark Ruffalo after appearing in 2008's The Incredible HulkEdward Norton (remember him?) has landed a key part in Legacy as a character named Byer, though how he figures into the sequel's dizzying plot is unknown.

    THE BOURNE LEGACY, Albert Finney, Joan Allen Universal Pictures

    4. A Solid Supporting Cast: Five-time Oscar nominee Albert Finney returns as the string-pulling Dr. Albert Hirsch, who ran the behavior modification program that put Jason Bourne in a memory-challenged bind in the first three pictures. Also back is Joan Allen once again taking command of the situation as CIA Department director Pam Landy and franchise vets Scott Glenn and David Strathairn. And while she barely appears in the teaser, Rachel Weisz joins Legacy in a pivotal role, presumably as Cross' love interest. Alas Julia Stiles, who costarred in the first three films, is MIA in the sequel.

    THE BOURNE LEGACY Universal Pictures

    5. Shoot to Kill: If the movie doesn't miss its mark story-wise and is as good a shot as Renner looks to be with a rifle, we'd say Bourne fans will come along for the ride despite the absence of Damon, who opted to sit this one out. The original Bourne man has stated previously that he'd only come back as long as he can work again with Bourne Supremacy and Ultimatum director Paul Greengrass, who was not hired for this production in favor of Gilroy, who penned the original trilogy.

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