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Revenge Star Teases the Big Death That's About to Rock the Hamptons!

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Ashley Madekwe, Revenge
Ashley Madekwe, Revenge Randy Holmes/ABC

One week. We repeat: one week.

Yes, Revenge fans, the show's big episode, in which we finally find out who got shot on the beach, is just one week away. We're more excited for the Fire and Ice party than Emily (Emily VanCamp) is after she takes down one of her many targets. We apologize if that scares you.

We caught up with Ashley Madekwe, who plays conniving fashionista Ashley, to find out anything and everything we could about the sure-to-be game-changing episode. So was Madekwe shocked when she finally found out which costar she'd be saying goodbye to?

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"By the time we found out, no, but in the beginning right up until episode 12 or 13, we were kept in the dark," Madekwe tells us. "I think Mike [Kelley], the creator of the show, he didn't know. He kept changing his mind. We're about to show episode 15 and we've only just read episode 17, so we're that close. We're reacting literally to what the audience likes and does not like."

Reacting to what the audience likes?! Then we're guessing our boy Daniel (Joshua Bowman) is safe considering the audience loves him. Wheeee! (But seriously, we will totally bust out our red Sharpies and terrorize the Revenge production offices if Daniel is the one to go. Just sayin'!)

Of the episode, Madekwe couldn't reveal much, but she teases, "It goes all the way back to the beginning with the Fire and Ice party and it's really cool because I thought that we were going to use footage that we had already shown, but we re-shot the whole Fire and Ice party. You see the whole thing from a different perspective and what you think was going on wasn't going on."

Revenge airs tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC.

—Reporting by Farrell Roth

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Who do you think is dying on Revenge? Who would you like it to be? Sound off in the comments!

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