Happy Endings Scoop: James Wolk Spills on Romancing Adam Pally (We're Jealous!)

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Happy Endings

Did you know that even a voice can be devastatingly handsome?

Please excuse us, we were just on the phone with hunky Happy Endings guest star James Wolk and we're still in fangirl mode. Squee! Luckily we were still able to stammer out some questions to the Lone Star alum and get all the details and drama from tonight's oh-so-cute Valentine's Day episode.

 Plus, find out who was not excited for a new member to join Chi-Town's funniest gang...

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In tonight's episode ("The St. Valentine's Day Maxssacre"), while driving his awesome '80s limo, Max (Adam Pally) picks up a couple enjoying a little V-Day romancing. Here's where it gets good: one of the men just so happens to be Wolk's character Grant, Max's ex-boyfriend. Oh, but did we fail to mention that Max broke up with Grant a year ago…on Valentine's Day? Awkward.

Wolk explains why it didn't work out for the duo the first time: "Ultimately Max's slacker ways kind of got in the way of the relationship, so [now] Max, with the encouragement of his friends, [is trying] to make amends."

Pictures have (thankfully) appeared that reveal a shirtless Wolk surrounded by the ladies of H.E.—and we gotta say, they don't look mad about it. "If they were alarmed, that would not be good," Wolk tells us with a laugh, adding: "The funny thing about this show is that the girls are also attracted to Grant, even though Grant doesn't reciprocate that attraction, and so that provides for some pretty funny situations."

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But there is one member of the gang who is less then enthused for Grant's return. "Dave (Zachary Knighton) is the only one that says, ‘Wait a minute, why are we letting this guy into the group?' which is hilarious! Zach plays that so well and that relationship is very funny." And it's not because Grant rocks a V-neck better than Dave—he's more of a vest-tie combo kinda guy. Classy.

Happy Endings ABC

A fan of Happy Endings before he landed the gig, Wolk tells us that it was "mutual affection" that led him to the show. "It's just been a joy. It's a whole different rhythm and dance than drama, and it's been really refreshing and different to jump into that."

Wolk will be appearing on the ABC hit for a three-episode arc and says we will see his character begin to "unravel" as Max and Grant decide to give their relationship another go. Wolk reveals, "It's kind of fun to play a character who wants to exude that perfection but inside he's flawed like everyone else."

Tune in tonight for Wolk's Happy Endings debut at 9:30 p.m. on ABC!

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What do you think of Max's old/new beau? Excited to see a shirtless James Wolk? Twirl with us in the comments!

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