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Feud Alert (Again)! Piers Morgan Slams Madonna's "Gruesome" Super Bowl Halftime Show

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Well, it's safe to say that Piers Morgan won't be first in line for tickets to Madonna's just-announced world tour.

The pontificating Brit continued his public assault on America's long-reigning Material Girl while chatting with E!'s own Chelsea Handler last night, blasting Madonna's Super Bowl halftime show as a "gruesome" performance.

Where's MIA's middle finger when you really need it?

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"I know you're a huge fan," the Chelsea Lately host sarcastically prompted her guest, who has made no bones about his dislike of the singer before, having preemptively banned her from ever appearing on his CNN show (as if).

"That Super Bowl performance, it was like watching your mad drunken aunt at Christmas," Morgan said. "Is it just me? I keep reading all these celebrities tweeting, saying, 'Wasn't she awesome?' No, she wasn't. She was gruesome."

At least it's not as if there was any love lost between the duo over Piers' fighting words.

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"I don't like the woman and she doesn't like me, but at least I've found I have got one common ground with Madonna," he continued. "Neither of us have sung live at the Super Bowl."


David Furnish's new best friend continued on, even in the face of a mild defense from Handler, who interjected, "I have to say that I thought she was singing real."

So was Piers swayed? Nah.

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"She was lip-syncing the whole damn thing."

We're sure Madonna won't be losing any sleep over the war of words, as she's got much more important things on her plate right now: Just this morning, it was announced that she'll be launching her first world tour in three years this spring.

The 53-year-old's massive undertaking will truly be a globetrotting endeavor and include stops in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, South and North America. It'll mark Madonna's most extensive, date-packed tour ever.

The as-yet unnamed 2012 world tour kicks off May 29 in Tel Aviv and hits our own domestic shores Aug. 28 in Philadelphia, wrapping up the North American leg just before Thanksgiving. All told, she won't complete the 90-date tour until she wraps up Down Under in early 2013.

Tickets for the U.S. dates go on sale Feb. 13.

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