Academy Awards Poster

I love this time of year. I'm always caught up in the thrill of award season: The golden statues, the glamorous stars and the fabulous gowns.

But let's start this week focusing on the movies....

To me, The Artist can do no wrong. From its original story telling platform to the black and white cinematography, great performances and Uggie, this movie has it all. I'm betting all my chips this one is taking home Best Picture.

A movie that I was surprised by was Hugo; it's leading the pack with 11 nominations. Sitting down for this movie I wasn't sure what was in store for me. I had not read the book and I honestly (like many people) thought it was a animated children's movie. But much to my surprise, Hugo took me on a grown-up journey through family, history and film. Martin Scorsese will most certainly be picking up best director for this one.

My other likes of the year were Moneyball, which made baseball actually entertaining to a non-fan; The Descendants somehow made death and adultery funny at times; and The Help…though I feel like it came out in the theater two years ago. 

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