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Twitter Tell 'Em: Soulja Boy Killed by Online Hoax, World Refuses to Mourn

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Soulja Boy Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Last night, Twitter didn't just try and kill Soulja Boy. It also tried to ruin any vestige of self-esteem the rapper might have.

In a matter of hours, #RIPSouljaBoy became a trending topic on the site, and speculation began growing that the 21-year-old "Tell 'Em" artist had met his maker.

The good news: Soulja Boy is alive and well. The bad news: that seems to have come as a disappointment to a hefty portion of the social media crowd.

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Though the artist born DeAndre Cortez Way has yet to set the record straight himself on Twitter, that might be for the best—after all, his 140-character eulogies don't exactly paint a picture of a fandom in mourning.

"That awkward moment when 'RIP Soulja Boy' is trending & everyone is surprised he was still alive' #RIPSoulja," read one tweet.

"#RIPSouljaBoy the rapper isn't dead, but is music career is," read another.

Variations on the theme of "#RIPSouljaBoy He died from listening to his own music," also proved pretty popular.

Other not exactly in-mourning missives included "#RIPSOULJABOY thanx for…….uhhhh…??????...o_O" and the coldly concise, "I can only wish #ripsouljaboy."

Granted, the rapper did have some defenders, though their devotion was slightly wanting.

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"#RIPSouljaBoy…That's sad & immature, I know NO ONE likes him as a rapper, but he's still a person."

"I actually thought he was dead," read another. "#RIPSOULJABOY Now that I know that he is not, this trend is kinda funny."

Of course, some defenders did come out of the woodwork.

"When y'all have a quarter of Soulja Boy's money, get back to me. In the mean time, him & his fans will just laugh at #RIPSouljaBoy," read one.

And another took it upon themselves to speak on behalf of artists and fans everywhere:

"Dear Everyone on twitter: None of the Artists you think died actually did. Please stop trending RIP Adele, #RIPSouljaBoy, etc. You are idiots."

Who knew the voice of reason was so sassy?

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