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    The Hunger Games Trailer Redux: Five More Reasons to Get Excited!

    The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence Lionsgate

    Holy Hunger Games overload! The main event must be drawing near because we're getting all sorts of goodness courtesy of Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and her crew—like the just-released trailer that shows off tons of new footage from the flick.

    So like we did when the first trailer hit the net, we're compiling the best of the best for five more reasons that we cannot wait for March 23 (which, of course, is when HG hits theaters).

    Now on to the action:

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    Hunger Games Trailer grabs Lionsgate

    1. The Mockingjay Pin! We've seen it lit on fire and pinned to Katniss's arena outfit, but this is the first time the shiny gold Mockingjay pin has been front and center in actual footage from the film. And who cares if Madge doesn't give the pin to Kat like she does in the book, we're totally digging the sister-sister love, so we say: the more Katniss-Primrose moments, the better!

    Hunger Games Trailer grabs Lionsgate

    2. Oscar Nominee Stanley Tucci! This isn't our first look at Chatty Cathy Caesar Flickerman (played, of course, by Mr. Tucci), but it is the first time we've seen him interacting with Katniss and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson). From his Capitol-chic blue hair to his goofy grin, we're totally digging everything Stanley is bringing to the part.

    Hunger Games Trailer grabs Lionsgate

    3. OMCapitol! How friggin' gorgeous is the Capitol?! Sure, all the people there are shallow and bloodthirsty, but the scenery is to die for. And we can't help but be a little shallow ourselves and say Ms. Lawrence looks flawless polished from head to toe and rockin' the finest in forward-thinking fashion. Babe also looks totally unscathed after running into that damn wall! Can't wait to see her get lit on fire...literally!

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    Hunger Games Trailer grabs Lionsgate

    4. Bad to the Bone! While we've already met—and fallen head over heels in love with—Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks), this visit to the reaping provided a look at President Snow (Donald Sutherland) that has us shaking in our booties. He's like an adorable old grandpa who's very, very, very evil…which is just (ahhh!) even more terrifying.

    Hunger Games Trailer grabs Lionsgate

    5. Show Us Some Arena Action Already! OK, we know that showing us bits of the good stuff leading up to the arena is supposed to get us crazy excited to see the action…but it's working too well! This trailer used some Games footage that we've already seen before, but we think it's about time we got to see some of the runnin', jumpin', hidin' and, well, killin'.

    Oh, and don't forget to take some fashion tips from the trailer when you're prepping your HG inspired fashion—‘cause remember, if you rock Captiol couture best, you could end up at the premiere!

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