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    Kristen Stewart Sends Chilly Message to Papz: "Freeze to Death!"

    Kristen Stewart isn't afraid to ruffle a few feathers…heck, just the other day she was out flipping the bird!

    And while stopping for lunch before her Vanity Fair photo shoot in Paris, Kristen took it up another notch when she was greeted by adoring Twi-hards and the ever-present paparazzi.

    K.Stew happily posed with her Franco-fans (awww!), but had a frigid message for the photogs:

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    "Are you cold? Freeze to death! Freeze to death!" Kristen chanted as she made her way into the building.

    Yikes! We knew the Breaking Dawn babe hated the papz, but hoping they'd turn into paparazzisicles?

    Of course, we don't think the chilly threat was anything to be taken too seriously—it was about 30 degrees Fahrenheit that day, which is hardly arctic. Plus, while K.Stew thinks her stalkerazzi are more than an annoyance, we doubt the babe would actually want them to keel over and bite it.

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    Either way, Ms. Stewart's fans cheered her on and encouraged her, following her performance for the paparazzi, one even shouting, "You rock Kristen!"

    Whatever. We think she rocks. She told the photographers what she really thought of ‘em (with that icy ef you!) without actually getting violent.

    And now that we're looking at her Vanity Fair pictures again, we must say: That badass girl image sure cleans up nicely! But since we're speaking French, guess we should say "bad derriere."

    Check out the paparazzi video and tells us whose side you're on: Team K.Stew or Team Paparazzi!

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