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    Is James Franco Tweeting His Version of "Sad Keanu"?

    James Franco, WhoSay James Franco/

    Do we hear an Internet meme in the making?

    Somehow we doubt James Franco is looking to give Keanu Reeves a run for his money in the sad picture department, but a Jan. 27 picture the Oscar-nominated actor and multihyphenated liberal arts geek posted online begs the question: Has life got Franco down?

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    The 33-year-old thesp uploaded the moody picture—which he apparently snapped himself while walking in an unidentified wooded area—on his newly created Twitter feed @JamesFrancoTV. The hashtag #last4years steered followers to his WhoSay page.

    But don't worry, Francophiles. He also tweeted links to additional pics showcasing a series of paintings including one that appears to a (self?) portrait. Either that, or it's a good James Dean impression. But whatever it's for, it's obviously in pursuit of his avid interest in the art world.

    While only James can speak for the past four years, Franco did have a tough October after the sudden death of his father, Doug Franco.

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    And not that it's on the level of losing a loved one, but the 127 Hours star also had to contend earlier in the year with bad reviews stemming from his stint cohosting the Academy Awards with Anne Hathaway.

    Meanwhile, Franco's been keeping busy. He's currently filming the biopic Lovelace in which he play Playboy founder Hugh Hefner opposite Amanda Seyfried's porn star title character.

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