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An interview with the sister-in-law of the future king? Now that's a job fit for a queen…of daytime. But which one?

If British tabloids are to be believed, then Barbara Walters and Oprah Winfrey are putting up their dukes (and duchesses) and fighting it out for the chance to be the first to interview Pippa Middleton in conjunction with the holiday release of her party planning book.

The longtime pillars of the airwaves are reportedly pulling out all the stops for first dibs on an hourlong special with Kate Middleton's little sis, with bidding on the interview supposedly reaching as high as $500,000.

But are Babs and Oprah really in a battle royale for this royal? Set your DVRs, this rumor is…

So false!

While it remains to be seen if the press-shy Middleton sister will be doing any promotion at all let alone with Oprah or Barbara (it's not like name recognition is a hurdle she needs to overcome), the View cohost was quick to deny that she was in any sort of fight for what would admittedly be a coup of an interview.

"It's not true!" Walters said on The View this morning. "ABC News does not pay for interviews. I have no idea what Oprah does—we do not pay, ABC News does not pay. She's not a news program, maybe they have a different policy. I do have to say that I would love to do the interview."

She would love to, but she's not now nor will she ever engage in a bidding war for the honor.

"To make it clear: Would I like to do the interview? Yes, I think she's a charming, beautiful girl. Will we pay to do the interview? No."

Consider us told.

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