Leo DiCaprio, Erin Heatherton


What's the best way to get over an Oscar snub?!

If you're Leonardo DiCaprio (who was recently left in the lurch when the Academy passed up his performance in J. Edgar), the perfect remedy seems to be taking your 22-year-old Victoria's Secret model GF Erin Heatherton to Mexico and partaking in some traditional down-south fun.

And, no, we don't mean piñata action and tequila shooters—we're talking zip-lining!

So does the couple that hangs together stay together?

Leo DiCaprio, Erin Heatherton


Seems so, especially since Leo and Erin weren't alone. Nope, they were accompanied by none other than Mama DiCaprio: Irmelin!

And for anyone that knows Leo's love, that means one thing: It's getting serious!

Leo is a mama's boy born and bred, and he very much cares what Irmelin thinks of his various girlfriends. According to the NY Post, Irmelin apparently met young Erin (Leo is 37, which puts Ms. Heatherton at 15 years his junior) earlier this year and signed off on the new chickie.

Sorry, Blake Lively, looks like you got the wrong end of the blond-haired-long-legged-chick stick.

‘Cause, if you remember, one of the main reasons that Leo and Blakey-poo eventually split was because Ms. DiCaprio so did not approve of the Gossip Girl.

But Irmelin looks to be all smiles with her arm wrapped around Erin in these family pics from Mexico. Congratulations, Erin, you must have more secrets than just Victoria's Miraculous bra, seeing as you were able to crack that tough maternal nut.

But then again, maybe if Blake had just extended an invite to Irmelin to accompany her and Leo on their Italian getaways or Australian sightseeing, it'd be Blake getting sky high instead of Erin.

Guess we'll never know now! But what say you, oft-opinionated readers? Do you approve of Leo and Erin as a couple?

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