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    Justin Bieber Helps Boost Organ Donor Registrations in Ontario

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    Justin Bieber
    Justin Bieber Ethan Miller/Getty Images

    Justin Bieber knows how to make things happen (it is his world, after all). 

    The charitable singer answered the tweeted plea of a fan with action, after the Belieber asked the "Baby" crooner to spread the word about organ and blood donation to his Twitter followers. 

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    Helene Campbell, who tweeted Bieber from the handle @alungstory last week, wrote, "Hey @justinbieber! I BELIEB you should use that Canadian voice of yours and help save lives like mine #beanorgandonor beadonor.ca #giveblood".

    Bieber quickly followed suit, responding to the young woman (who is awaiting a lung transplant herself), "i got the word....you have amazing strength. i got u. #BeAnOrganDonor."

    And that wasn't all. 

    The Biebs followed that with "help spread the word for @alungstory http://www.alungstory.ca/ #BeAnOrganDonor" and "and @alungstory NEVER SAY NEVER". 

    After Campbell thanked the pop singer for making such a "huge impact" with his tweet, Bieber responded, "glad to be able to help. best part of what i do."

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    And it turned out to be a very huge impact indeed.

    Following Campbell and Bieber's tweetfest, the Ontario-based Trillium Gift of Life Network saw donations rise to 1,200 people, more than four times the amount the network usually receives, according to MTV.

    "Helene Campbell is very courageous," Ronnie Gavsie, President and CEO of the organization told E! News. "She has done an incredible job inspiring and motivating Ontarians to register their consent to organ and tissue donation. On an average day we would expect about 50 new online registrations. Since Helene's campaign began last Thursday, the average has been closer to 200 per day!

    "There are over 1500 people in Ontario waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant. On behalf of all them and Trillium Gift of Life Network, thank you Helene and thank you Justin Bieber! In Ontario, if you have a signed donor card, you still need to register. Visit www.BeADonor.ca to register or check to be sure you are indeed a registered donor."

    Way to go, Biebs!

    —Reporting by Sharareh Drury

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