Seal, Heidi Klum

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‘Tis the season for break-ups in Tinsel Town! And Heidi Klum and Seal are the latest to jump on the divorce train.

And while we're tres-disappointed (and a bit surprised) to see this extravagant couple call it quits, we must admit, there were definite signs pointing to their demise.

So, let's take a look back at some of the biggest break-ups in H'Wood history and check out the tell-tale signs this team should have seen comin'.



Meg Ryan, Dennis Quaid

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1. Meg & Dennis: Be Careful Who You Share a Cigarette With: This one may be a trip down Hollyweird lane, but one of the biggest signs of a bust-up in this biz occurred when separated Meg Ryan (from then husband Dennis Quaid) shared a ciggie with "close friend" Russell Crowe during a stroll in New York City. And while paps may not have spotted the two kissing costars, the whole cigarette sitch meant they were definitely swapping some serious saliva. And surprise! Shortly after Dennis and Meg pulled the plug on their nine-year union.

Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony

2. Jennifer & Marc: Don't Idolize Your Man: Now, we'll admit, we were hardly surprised when this couple called it quits, considering the infamous rumors floating around the American Idol set. Not only did Marc Anthony supposedly have a bit of a flirtacious eye, but sources close to the couple described J.Lo as "scary" in her devotion to Marc. And considering J.Lo is one of the biggest triple-threats in the biz, it's safe to say this marriage may have been doomed from the beginning, eh?

Vanessa Paradis, Johnny Depp

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3. Johnny & Vanessa: Is a Little PDA So Wrong? We have to back-track on this break-up, since Vanessa Paradis recently slammed down rumors she and Johnny Depp have called things off. But, can you blame us for the speculation? It's been more than a year since the couple walked the red carpet together and then V claims she's "marries" in the summer, but "separates" in the winter?! Sounds very French, and very odd. Sorry babe, but if you don't want the world to foreshadow the end of your relaysh then strut the red carpet together, already. Or at the very least, once a year.

Katy Perry, Russell Brand

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4. Katy & Russell: Newlyweds Don't Visit "Sex Clubs": Color us not surprised this rebel couple decided to call it quits—after all, they were a pretty odd pair from the start. But the biggest sign this couple was nearing their end came when a video emerged of Russell Brand removing his wedding ring before a weeklong university tour. "I don't know what a sorority is, except for what I have seen on Nudevista—that they are sort of sex clubs for women," he says smiling in the clip. Now if that's not a sign he regrets saying "I do," then we're officially stumped.

Seal, Heidi Klum


5. Heidi & Seal: "The End" Is All He Wrote: A dude who seems to have made a way too big show of his wedding band recently was Seal, when he appeared on Ellen, explaining—in between obvious flourishes of his wedding finger—that he simply didn't know when he'd take it off, after Ellen asked why the separated hubby was still wearing it. Hmm.  Now, we speculated before that big weddings lead to bigger break-ups in Hollywood, so this is a good time to remember that no one does it bigger than Heidi and Seal with their extravagant vow renewals every year. Not to mention Seal cryptically tweeted "The End" just two days before the couple announced their separation. Wish Ellen had asked about that.

So, what say you Awful readers? Did you see the signs these couples were dunzo?

Sound off below!  

--With additional reporting by Carly Sitzer

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