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Dear Ted:
What do you have to say about reports that Demi Lovato is going back to rehab? She did just take a Twitter break...

Dear Word On The Tweet:
Maybe you're confusing your Demi's, babe, but Team Lovato slammed down reports D.L. is headed back to rehab. Fighting her addiction to Twitter? Now that's a whole other issue. Hardly the best time to take a break with all the rumors flying around, but hey, we're just happy Dem's safe and sound. Now, get back on Twitter and deny the rumors yourself, babe!

Dear Ted:
Just read about Demi Moore's hospitalization and it made me wonder if substance abuse had anything to do with why she and Bruce Willis split. I used to love those two back in the day, and was really sad when they broke up. Do you think coming back to Hollywood after years in Idaho and the whole Ashton thing created her issues or just made them worse?

Dear Ida-Hold That Thought:
Demi's always been the spotlight, Lex, so I would say her recent break-down has much less to do with a return to H'Wood and much more to do with her current divorce. No doubt, her life's been full of scandal for the last few months, and judging by her shrinking frame and hospital stay, it's apparent the stress has taken its toll on the beauty. We say give Demi the time she needs to get it together—we're rootin' for the babe to come back to H'Wood better than ever.

Dear Ted:
What's up with Halle Berry? Is she really the trouble magnet and finds the most despicable men on Earth? Or does H.B. try to spin publicity and blame her exes on everything? I mean, her track record with men sounds rather atrocious and now she tries to take the kid away from her ex? Nahla looks so happy with her dad in the candid pics, so how is it that the kid's supposed to be frightened of him?

Dear Spin City:
You're right in saying Halle's track record with men hasn't always been the best. But you must remember, Hall is very protective of her little girl. I wouldn't say she's spinning the details for publicity, but rather the Mama Bear affect is in full swing. Here's hoping the former couple can work their differences for Nahla's sake.

Dear Ted:
I keep seeing people making suggestions for the Elizabeth Taylor bio, I haven't seen one I agree with yet. Personally I think there is one obvious choice out there—Alison Brie. She's got the looks, including bright blue eyes, she definitely has the acting chops plus attitude (Trudy on Mad Men is old-school sassy and brilliant), and she's still a TV star so not too 'big' to do Lifetime. What do you think?

Dear Not A Mad Idea:
We definitely haven't seen anyone we loved for the part, either, with the exception of Kate Winslet, of course. Alison is definitely an interesting suggestion, but could she stand out with all the big names, like Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox, being thrown around—even if it is a Lifetime movie?

Dear Ted:
So I read that there are two Beauty and the Beast pilots. So what about beauty Dianna Agron for either of them? She certainly fits the title to a tee and I'd really like to see her finally in a lead role. Of the two, I am more partial to seeing her cast in the re-imagined classic fairy tale, as I've always thought Agron would be the perfect actress to play a Disney princess! Your thoughts?

Dear Fail As Old As Time:
We agree, C, Dianna's definitely a beauty and could totally pull off the fairytale look. Although Team Agron's been mum on Di's return to McKinley High, there's been mucho speculation the be-yotch won't be back. Perhaps this is the best way to transition to another role on the boob tube? Then again, she'll probably hold out for the big screen, if she doesn't return to Glee.

Dear Ted:
There's a rumor that Blake Lively will be presenting at the Oscars, and now that Margin Call has been nominated, I am sure that Penn Badgley will be invited to the award show.

Dear Ex-OXO Gossip Girl:
What's your question here, Jer? As far as exes go, B and P are as good as it gets! The co-stars turned couple both moved on, in case you haven't seen Blake flaunting her relaysh with the ab-tastic Ryan Reynolds Not that we blame her, we would totally show him off too!

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