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Welcome to the clean pate club, Kellie Pickler!

When the American Idol alum took an electric razor to her scalp on Good Morning America today (all in the very good name of breast cancer awareness), she became the latest Hollywood recruit into the hair-today, gone-tomorrow gang. Prior to her daring 'do (or non-'do, rather), this year's biggest entrants in mane mania were Charlize Theron and Cynthia Nixon , both of whom made the world do double triple-takes with their shiny new domes—all done in the name of art, of course.

So in honor of Kellie's fetching follicular loss, we've rounded up five other lusciously locked starlets who've also taken a trip to the bald side:

Demi Moore

Kevin Mazur/ Getty Images

Demi Moore Sure, her long raven locks are as much a part of her image as anything else these days, but the movie star turned herself into anything but a plain Jane when she went took the clippers to her tresses on camera for her role in 1997's G.I. Jane.

Natalie Portman

Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Wireimage

Natalie Portman V for Very Unexpected. The starlet both stunned and looked stunning (a tricky feat) when she turned up bald for the premiere of her 2006 flick V for Vendetta. Her hairy situation (or lack thereof) was, like Demi's, done in the name of art, as her role of Evey the freedom fighter required she shave it all off.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears OK, so this one wasn't done in the name of art. More like done in the throes of a total breakdown. Still, though the circumstances surrounding Britney's plunge into baldness were less than ideal (and maybe she should have left the clip job to a professional), Britney still had the cute puss to pull it off. And while she may have reached for the wigs faster than you can say conservatorship, we have to admit, it wasn't her worst look.

Sinead O'Connor

Steve Granitz/WireImage

Sinéad O'Connor The O.G. trendsetter has been a baldie from way back. In fact, a shaved head seems so inherently a part of the Irish singer that when she had a brief flirtation with follicles last summer, she was barely recognizable. And to Sinéad, bald really must be beautiful, as it wasn't long before she returned to her nonhair 'do.

Cameron Diaz

ODuran/Fame Pictures

Cameron Diaz OK, so technically, she didn't take the plunge. But we still got to catch a glimpse of a hairless Cameron when she donned a bald cap (and a fairly convincing one, at that) while starring in My Sister's Keeper. Guess there's a limit to how far some stars will go for their art, after all.

(Originally published on Jan. 25, 2012 at 9:11 a.m. PT)

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