Snooki and Deena at a party store? That's trouble.

On Thursday night's new episode of Jersey Shore, the two ladies head to Party Lane in hopes of finding some super-awesome decorations for a surprise birthday party they're throwing for Pauly D and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino.

And what do they find instead?

Some crazy stuff.

While things get a little risqué as Deena makes it clap (with a hand-clapper, you guys) while doing the Jersey Turnpike, things really get out of hand when Snooks came upon a magnificent treasure—gigantic costume bunny heads!

The two of them quickly put on their new headgear and, well, we're not sure we can truly do justice to what they did as bunnies, but you can definitely use your imagination.

Or just watch the exclusive sneak peek and find out for yourself.

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