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    Watch Jim Carrey's Daughter Audition for American Idol! Is She Going (Back) to Hollywood?

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    Jane Carrey, Jim Carrey
    Jane Carrey, Jim Carrey John Shearer/Getty Images

    Last night on American Idol's auditions show, the country was introduced to Jane Carrey—a 24-year-old mother, waitress, musician, Los Angeleno…and, oh yeah, Jim Carrey's daughter.

    The self-professed "huge ham" (guess we know which parent's genes she inherited), dropped by the reality show's San Diego auditions and rather aptly belted out "Something to Talk About."

    And the judges sure did. But were they blown away by the famous progeny, or did, well, somebody stop her?

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    They loved it!

    "It was definitely fun growing up with him as a father, he's not the most extravagant celebrity, so it was fairly normal. Fairly," she laughed in her pre-audition interview. "The last name definitely helps and hurts, I feel like there's this pressure to maybe be better because if I make it somewhere, I run the risk of people saying, 'Oh, you only got there because of this.'"

    But that wasn't the case when she stepped in front of Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.

    "Does father know you're here?" Jackson coyly asked.

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    "Who's father?" Lopez—father's former In Living Color castmate, as it happens—asked.

    "My father's Jim Carrey," Jane replied.

    "Oh, I worked with Jim," Lopez said. "I remember you when you were little. Do you remember me? I was one of the Fly Girls…You were so little, you were a baby, oh my God.

    "When did this happen?" she mockingly wailed.

    After J.Lo's flirtation with a not-quite-midlife crisis was averted, Carrey sang her song and, whaddya know, was rewarded with three adamant yes men.

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    She's going (back) to Hollywood!

    Afterward, she phoned papa Jim and relayed the happy news.

    "Yay!" the movie star and proud dad said. "Aw, she's so wonderful. I can't wait for the world to understand what she has to offer.

    "Well, hon, way to go. Fantastic. Oh my gosh, this is going to be an exciting year."

    We'll say!

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