Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert

Comedy Central

Here's something to add to the threatdown: The Daily Show and The Colbert Report's Twitter accounts were hacked Sunday night.

So who was behind it—maybe unhappy Bill O'Reilly fans or, gulp, bears? No, neither...

Apparently, the action came via some sympathizers of Anonymous, the international group of "hacktivists" who have been active in recent SOPA and PIPA protests.

The hacked Comedy Central pages first linked to a private twitter account (that's since been suspended) and uploaded a photo and the message, "Watch your security, bro <3."

Following that, The Daily Show tweeted, "Ignore our last several tweets. #HackedAgain," before deleting the compromised tweets.

The Colbert Report, however, left up the Anonymous sympathizers' tweets, which seemed to confirm that the hackers were not members of the group but "do respect @anonops and @poisonanon."

In hashtag form, the hackers tweeted to The Colbert Report from their own account, "#pleasedontbemean" and "#girlsjustwannahavefun."

Well, we hope this means all is well again in the Colbert (and Daily Show) Nation. As surely everyone must know, Stephen Colbert needs to focus on becoming President of the United States of South Carolina!

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