Madonna, Elton John, David Furnish

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Can't you just feel the love tonight?

After expressing himself in no uncertain terms as to who should have won the Golden Globe for Best Song in his opinion, Elton John's husband, David Furnish, wants to assure us that he didn't mean to say that Madonna is terrible or anything.

Because a few people thought that's what he was trying to say after he wrote, "Madonna. Best song???? F--k off!!!" on Facebook the day after the Globes.

"Wow! What a tempest in a teapot," Furnish wrote on Facebook today. "My comments regarding The Golden Globes have been blown way out of proportion. My passion for our film Gnomeo & Juliet and belief in Elton's song really got my emotional juices going. But I must say for the record that I do believe Madonna is a great artist, and that Elton and I wish her all the best for next week's premiere of the film W.E."

Madonna's win on Sunday for "Masterpiece" was a bit of a head-scratcher, made all the stranger when the Material Girl gave her acceptance speech—one part appreciation, one part stab at being the old Madonna with a comment about kissing girls, one part trying to be funny by bashing manager Guy Oseary as she was thanking him, and all fake-British sounding.

Furnish, for one, called her speech "embarrassing in its narcissism."

John's main man may wish Madge well in general, but we can only imagine what he'll be thinking if more W.E. reviews like this one or this one come in.

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