Zoe Saldana


Step aside, Tom Cruise. Make room, JC Chasez. A new celeb hero has joined the inspiring ranks.

Zoe Saldana jumped to the rescue of a visibly injured elderly woman in Culver City today after witnessing a particularly heinous car accident that left the driver with a scratched and bloodied face.

According to reports, without missing a beat, the 33-year-old Avatar star sprang from her car and, with the help of a fellow bystander, assisted the clearly shaken woman from her vehicle to the curb, where she helped her take a seat before phoning an ambulance.

Saldana then waited with the woman until paramedics and officers arrived on the scene and even went back to the victim's car at one point to collect her purse and sweater and bring it back to the jarred woman.

Later, the actress was seen speaking to police officers and fireman who responded to the scene, not leaving the unidentified woman's side until she had received the medical attention she needed.

Well, if anyone wasn't a fan of Zoe's before, we're guessing they certainly are now.

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