The cabin crew on a British Airways flight from Miami to London mistakenly announced to passengers that the plane was going to crash. The automated message told the passengers to brace themselves for an emergency water landing. Obviously, panic spread throughout the plane, until a flight attendant came on the intercom and explained that the "crash message" was played in error. This is definitely one case where "my bad" isn't going to cut it. And probably the only case in history where a British accent wasn't so soothing. I also didn't realize that a "crash message" was automated.  That seems pretty f****d up. It should be a real person telling you that your life is about to end, not some recording played on a loop like Christmas music in a mall. I'll go out on a limb and assume that the line to use the lavatory afterward was pretty long. This story is terrible; as if a flight out of Miami isn't enough of a pain in the ass, these poor people thought for a few horrifying seconds that Miami would be the last place they'd ever see. I like to believe something good came out of this: for instance maybe a snotty British woman in First Class ran to coach and found some guy to dry hump, or a newlywed woman who was already rethinking her marriage had her suspicions confirmed when her husband climbed over her and screamed "Every man for himself!"