Rihanna, Twitter


With an exhibitionist streak like this, who needs paparazzi?

Certainly not Rihanna, who seems to be giving LeAnn Rimes a run for her bikini-parading money, tweeting out a series of increasingly steamy (and equal parts silly) self-portraits from her Hawaiian vacation this week.

And Rihanna's bikini bod not only caught the eye of her salivating followers, but that of a fellow celeb…

First, when asked by a fan the secret to her firm physique, Rihanna jokingly responded, "Angles/Lighting/Photoshop :)"

Then after tweeting out a series of shots of her doing various activities in a bikini (balancing on a surfboard, cheekily checking out her friends' physiques and working out in a gym—all with comments like, "Strike a pose," "#SWAGGING, " and "#SNAP"), she caught the eye of none other than Khloé Kardashian Odom, who wasn't exactly mild in her admiration of Rihanna's bod.

"Shake your t-ts for this woman! LOL #MotivationBaby," she tweeted out in response to the shot of RiRi on the elliptical trainer.

The love was apparently mutual.

"Haaaa!!! Come tap this @KhloeKardashian," came the reply.

Can't wait to read the Twitter response to that one.

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