Kids say the darndest things. Then again, sometimes they don't really feel like chatting on late-night talk shows. This was the case for Katherine Heigl's daughter, Naleigh.

On Tuesday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the actress' hubby, Josh Kelley, brought their adorable 3-year-old onstage so Heigl could introduce her to the audience.

Naleigh's response was...

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Not exactly what mom had in mind!

"She's very hammy. She likes applause," Heigl, 33, said.

But Naleigh clearly wasn't feeling the crowd. Despite her mother's requests, she opted not to "say hello to Mr. Kimmel" or wave to the audience.

"She loves a crowd that loves her," Heigl said as Naleigh shyly sucked on her thumb. "She'll be shy right now, but she loves applause."

Despite the One for the Money star's encouragement, Naleigh didn't talk much—except, of course, to dish on her manicure. Check out the cuteness in the clip.

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