"The biggest international motion picture of all time is coming to America."

Sounds pretty intense, if we do say so ourselves.

But how else would you describe a Spanish-language film starring Will Ferrell (don't forget to roll those r's), Gael Garcia Bernal and the very spicy Genesis Rodriguez?

The telenovela-esque flick, slated for a March 16 release, tells the story of the Alvarez brothers (Ferrell and Diego Luna), who try to save their father's ranch and end up in a war with Mexico's most notorious drug lord, Onza (Bernal).

Of course, this wouldn't be a traditional, passionate Spanish movie without a little love triangle added to the mix.

If you don't speak Español, don't worry, subtitles are your friend.

Check out the trailer to see what you have to look forward to (and to acknowledge Ferrell's magnífico Spanish-speaking skills).

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