When you party as hard as these guys do, you can expect to come home looking a little disheveled.

E! News got hold of an exclusive clip from tomorrow night's new episode of Jersey Shore, which shows on particular hurdle that Snooki's BFF Deena had to deal with after going too hard at the club.

And it's not pretty.

Sure, their dresses are hiked up, but that's nothing new.

What really caused a problem were Deena's hair extentions—those bad boys got into a tangled mess that was so bad, Pauly D and J-Woww had to forfeit trying to manhandle the beast.

Don't get us wrong, chunks of it came out (super hot), but it looks like there may just be too many knots to fix the entire situation.

Snooks' solution? Go bald. (Let's hope they find a better fix.)

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