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    Claire Danes Talk Speech Flub at 1995 Golden Globes; Watch Blast From the Past Clip!

    Claire Danes, Golden Globes Paul Drinkwater/NBC

    Following her big win for Best Actress in a TV Drama for Homeland at the Golden Globes Sunday night, Claire Danes made sure to thank her parents.

    And with good reason.

    Back in 1995, the then 15-year-old actress forgot to mention her mom and dad in her acceptance speech when she won the same award for My So-Called Life.  Oops.

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    The flub still haunts her today.

    "I first won this award when I was 15 for My So-Called Life and I was utterly stunned and overwhelmed as one is, and the first thing I did is when I left the stage was burst into tears because I realized I had forgotten to thank my parents," Danes said upon accepting the award Sunday. "And I brought my mom with me tonight, Carla, and I am just so lucky to have another opportunity to let them know how deeply grateful I am to have their love and encouragement."

    Needless to say, Danes was less of a pro when she accepted the award at 15 (and a lot more prone to utter ‘um'), as you can see in the vintage clip from the E! archives.

    "Um, wow! I thought it would be good to be natural and spontaneous, but that wasn't a really good idea," Danes said during her acceptance speech at the Globes that year, after accidentally slighting her parents.

    Take a peek at what the bob-sporting Danes had to say about the slip-up in the press room after she accepted the award in the clip above.

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