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After being postponed an extra week, it's finally time to go back to our favorite zip code in tonight's 90210 winter premiere!

Shipper-Watch 2012 has officially begun and we recently chatted with Jessica Stroup about which new couple combos we can expect to see in this year's drama packed season, plus we've got the scoop on which musical guest stars are coming...

 "Well, I'm telling you, we're an incestuous little group, so people that you didn't think would ever get together may actually get together." Stroup says with a laugh. Hmm, shall we start the speculations?

Silver-Dixon fans, we know you're dying for a reunion and Stroup is right there with you. "I love that people love Sixon!" she gushes. "I love that they have a name for it!" Jessica joked that she and Tristan Wilds are the "real couple" and are trying to help get this fan favorite duo to come back, "We've talked to the writers and we want to get on that path, too. Tell the fans we get it and we appreciate it, but right now, no Sixon."

Sorry guys, but Silver is currently taken by a man who has more baggage than a socialite going on vacay for a month. The main reason she's with Greg (Niall Matter)? He was honest with her! Stroup explains, "I think it's the quality that she was lacking the most from her previous relationships and she's looking for something new, even though kids and an ex-wife and all this stuff is a lot for this fresh out of high-schooler." 

And although fans won't see Silver jumping right into mommy-dearest mode, the kids are going to have a big impact in her life. "They become a very, very vital role in what makes up Silver and Greg's relationship and she tries to do the best she can even though she hasn't really had a mother figure her whole life."

Stroup told us that Silver is still taking her medication but teases that she has got "some big life issues" coming up that will take up her time for the rest of the season. "She's bipolar and her mother has passed, and there has been some big life changing things for her, but this one coming up is even bigger than the other ones." Eek.

Stroup also revealed that the band Train will be making a stop in Beverly Hills and are rumored to be singing their latest single "Drive By." "It's really cool we're finally taking advantage of the fact that we live in Los Angeles and we shoot a show about Los Angeles, so let's go to some places that kids go to."

Tune in tonight for an all-new episode of 90210 on the CW at 8 p.m.

Are you pumped for tonight new episode? How long do you think Silver will play house with Greg? Is Sixon really gone for good? Send us some sugar in the comments!

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