Sofia Vergara, Viola Davis, Maya Rudolph, Tina Fey, Ricky Gervais

So much for the days of ripping on Scientologists…or really, anyone else for that matter!

Aside from some snarky remarks directed at non-attendees Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian (who, FYI, didn't mind the jokes) and a few playful jabs at the likes of Jodie Foster and Johnny Depp, Ricky Gervais stayed scandal-free during his Golden Globes hosting gig last night.

And the result was, well, kinda boring. So we had to ask the celebs—who easily could have wound up as victims of his punch lines—if they too felt Ricky had held back after last year's controversy:

"Maybe a little bit," Best Actress nominee Viola Davis weighed in about whether or not Mr. Gervais toned himself down. "But I thought he was fantastic. I thought he was funny. And I was just glad he didn't talk smack about me."

A sentiment shared by tons of her peers too, we're sure.

But most of the celebrities we chitchatted with on the InStyle and Warner Bros. afterparty carpet seemed to love the more lighthearted, non-scathing approach to hosting.

"I thought he had good jokes this year," Tina Fey told us matter-of-factly.

"I don't really pay attention to that. I just think he's just so f--king funny," Bridesmaids babe Maya Rudolph told us. "There's nobody like him. I don't keep a scorecard and think ‘Eh, It's a little toned down this year.' He's amazing. I cannot do what he does. He's got very large testicles."

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Well, we'd argue they may have been a little larger last year…ya know, when he was taking on Hollywood heavyweights like Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr.

Modern Family funny lady Sofia Vergara seemed to have a theory as to why Ricky was so much nicer this year: "I think they pay him a little money," she told us. "But I like him. He was great."

There were a couple of stars, though, who admitted they missed Ricky's scathing tone of last year:

"Yeah! He toned it down loads," newbie actress Felicity Jones agreed. "I was hoping for more harsh jokes. He's a pretty spiky comedian and I think we all love him for that."

Totally agree, babe!

And of course we needed some input from the Twilight gang, seeing as Breaking Dawn Part 1—with its telepathic werewolf battles and sexy babies—definitely could have been a target of Ricky's monologue:

"Yeah, it's definitely a little toned down," vamp Jackson Rathbone said. "Ya know, that dry English wit…I didn't mind last year. I thought it was funny. It's good to have a little zing here and there."

Even if it was at the expense of dear, sweet Robert Pattinson?! So what did you all think of Ricky Gervais's monologue last night—did you miss the punchier jokes or think his more politically correct approach was perfect?

Sound off in the comments!

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