Madonna, Golden Globes

Steve Granitz/WireImage

"Thank ya, baby," Madonna purred to me when I told her what we all had been remarking backstage: that she was looking pretty damn fantastic Golden Globes night!

So, what's her secret? Is it still "Pilates," as Madonna once told me?

"Oh, I don't do Pilates anymore," Madonna poo-pooed, like it was yesterday's fad (which I guess it is?).

"But you once told me it was the also the secret to a great love life!," I replied, only a little shocked. "So what's replaced it?"

"Dancing," Madonna said with a seductive smile.

What kind, I asked, pretty intrigued.

"Oh, all kinds, any kind," Madonna insisted, explaining it's better than "anything else."

Well, it sure is working, I blurted!

"Well, it really is the best thing for your bum," Madonna said right before she blushed—really. "I can't believe I just said that!"

Oh, I can, honey.

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