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With Henry's (Scott Foley) death still fresh in all our minds, life in the hospital has to move on. So how exactly does Grey's Anatomy follow up the painful heartbreak that was last week's sobfest?

By tackling a complicated conjoined-twin surgery, one doctor teetering painfully on the edge and two more on the verge of a major relationship step, of course! Find out now how Teddy is faring (hint: not well), and a silver lining of hope for Mark and Lexie fans, courtesy of executive producer Shonda Rhimes...


14 Days Later: Sounds a bit like a zombie movie and it sort of was. But you can't really blame Teddy (Kim Raver). It's only been two weeks and Teddy is wrist deep in surgery and deep dark grief. We get it, we are still wearing black for dear sweet Henry. But watching Teddy grill Cristina (Sandra Oh) repeatedly on what exactly went wrong during surgery is heartbreaking. And who knew Kim Raver could ugly cry so darn well? She's really bringing it in these scenes, so we might be a little selfish in hoping her heartbreak continues.

Baby Bliss: We could watch Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Zola home videos all night long. Maybe that could be a spinoff web series? Seriously though, Meredith and Derek as parents is the cutest thing ever. And when they cut to Zola clapping along with all the docs in the ER, well we died. Our ovaries quaked and exploded. How have we lived this long without a Meredith and Derek baby? If she continues like this we'll have to give her the award for cutest TV baby. Watch out Raising Hope baby, you have new competition!

Shacking Up: For a second there we were wondering, is Bailey's (Chandra Wilson) boyfriend Ben (Jason George) getting evicted or something? He's in a really big hurry to move in together. OK, we get that he wants to spend more time with her and has some good speeches all prepared, but this is after two weeks! Ben, seriously you are hot and funny and all but stop suffocating us Bailey!

Lessons Learned: Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) can be very manipulative to steal surgeries from Alex (Justin Chambers) and a Bluetooth earpiece is an instrument of torture. We wanted to crawl in a hole and die alongside Lexie (Chyler Leigh) when she mistakenly thought Mark (Eric Dane) was talking to her and inadvertently blurted out her feelings. Guess that is one awkward confession out of the way.


"You hush. Nobody is interested in your life." —Bailey
"You know what else is horrible? Having a dead husband." —Jackson
"She's going to take her first steps in day care and then I'm going to kill myself." —Meredith


Long Lost Loves: When asked if Mark might have lingering feelings for Lexie since he is basically dating her clone, Shonda Rhimes didn't deny the eerie similarities: "I think you might be right about that. I think we're already clear in seeing that Lexie already has some feelings that she thought maybe she didn't have. I'm hopeful that you will see something interesting with the two of them." There you go Mark and Lexie fans, hope is there. We think that's hopeful. "Interesting" is hopeful, right?

Joy! Straight Ahead!: It's only taken a billion seasons, and ups and downs that could give the loyal viewers the bends but Shonda says the joy will last "awhile." Oh happy day! These two deserve some happiness in their lives.

Which Couples Are Endgame? Shonda told us right here!

Well Grey's fans, how was it for you? What stage of grief for dear departed Henry have you entered into? And how adorable is Meredith and Derek's baby? Hit the comments!

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