Ryan Gosling


Dear Ted:
I know I'm late to the "Damn, that Ryan Gosling is hot" game—just saw The Notebook for the first time—but I'm totally onboard now. So here are my questions: What movie starring the handsome hunk should I see next, and does he have a Blind Vice? Thanks!
—Late Bloomer

Dear Better Late than Never:
Vice? No, Ry is moniker-free. But his relaysh with Eva Mendes seems to be getting pretty juicy, so who knows what's in store? As for the film recs, check out Crazy, Stupid, Love for some steamy chemistry between Ryan and Emma Stone or Drive for some steamy chemistry between Mr. Gosling and Carey Mulligan.

Dear Ted:
Is it true that Minka Kelly hooked up with Jake Gyllenhaal while she was on a brief split from Derek Jeter?

Dear We Were on a Break:
I assume you're alluding to the Us Weekly story about Minka rejecting Jake's advances—not hooking up with him—but to tell you the truth, the whole thing stinks to me. That said, I guess I wouldn't be surprised if J.G. reached out to Minka—she's kinda his type.

Dear Ted:
We often hear of women using their beauty to get ahead in Hollywood, but what about the guys? My fave TV show Gossip Girl is full of hot young men with interesting projects lined up. Have any of them taken a page from the Book of Blake Lively and used their sex appeal to land roles? As cute as he is, I just don't buy that Penn Badgley was cast as Tim Buckley based on his talent.

Dear Casting Couch Crushes:
Sorry, babe, but you're going to have to believe it—though, to be fair, it's hardly the more buzzed-about Buckley project. That sounds mean, but I just really like the cutie Reeves Carney. With that said, some guys in this town have definitely slept their way to the top…or at least to comic-book movies. Any guesses who?

Dear Ted:
Haven't heard much (not a bad thing at times) from John Mayer. How's he doing postsurgery? Hope his album comes out soon but want him rested and ready to go.

Dear Sexual Napalm Wannabe:
Don't stress, D, dude's expected to make a full recovery and has said he has a "beautiful record" waiting. We love his sweet songs—so we're excited, too—so we're kinda hoping that along with his new album he debuts a new personality (one that's far less likely to blab about stuff he has no biz blabbing about).

Dear Ted:
I think Lindsay Lohan deserves a chance. She seems to be staying out of drama lately, and she may be annoying, but she is very pretty. I could see her pulling off the Elizabeth Taylor role.

Dear Devil's Dina's Advocate:
I did say that LiLo may be able to pull off the oh-so-dramatic flick that I'm sure Lifetime will pump out. And heck, it might even do some good to her noncareer. Just so long as they do a big screen biopic for Ms. Taylor with someone much more Oscar-worthy.

Dear Ted:
In regards to whether Channing Tatum could earn Magic Mike's Best Stripper title: Yes he can. Don't you agree Ted?

 Dear Shake It Till You Make It:
Hmmm, perhaps Becks. But I think I'd choose Matt Bomer. More on him in a sec.

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