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"Every year I think, ‘We've kinda done it.' Every year I think ‘Wow, that was better than last year. These story lines and these scenes and the cast…I don't think they could get any better.' "

So says Kristin Bauer—who plays scene stealing vamp-extraordinaire Pam on True Blood—when we asked what's to come for the fangtastic HBO show. "And that's how I feel about [season] five," K.B. told us from the set.

So what sort of outrageous things will Pam say this season? And what's it like for the gal to work with Alexander Skarsgård now that he's a big, huge movie star?

First off, the gushing: "Every script I get I go, ‘Oh my god, that's better than I thought it would be.' And wardrobe fittings, ‘Oh my god, that's better than I could have imagined,' " Bauer practically hyperventilated.

But scoop-wise, Bauer stayed tight-lipped on the secrets of season five: "I have a pretty good inkling about [what's to come]. And I can't tell you anything." Though she did tease that we should not only expect more totally over-the-top outfits from Pam, but also more R-rated one-liners.

"We thought last year's gash in the sundress might be that point and apparently that wasn't!" Kristen told us when asked the writers ever give her something to say that's just too much.

"It feels like it's just in kind. We're just continuing with all the goodness we've had before," Kristin continued about the naughtiness to come. "I don't know if you can get much worse than gash in a sundress, but we can certainly stay in the ballpark."

And as for her onscreen maker, Mr. A.Skars—ya know, now that he's living on the big screen in flicks like Straw Dogs and Battleship—well, Kristen says he's par for the course as well:

"He's the same guy…We're buddies," she laughed when we wondered whether he'd changed since the beginning of True Blood. "But watch I'll go watch the movies and then get starstruck all of a sudden."

Trust us, we already have been. And starstruck is not a bad thing to be when it comes to Skars, not at all.

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