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While peeps may be chitchatting about whether or not Ashton Kutcher will return to Two and a Half Men, we're far more curious whether he'll return in full force to Twitter anytime soon.

Yes, we know he's been tweeting various pics and links and little bits here and there, but we're talkin' about the kind of @aplusk action we got before Ash had his team start monitoring his tweets. Ya know, before he put his e-foot in his big mouth.

So what's Ashton saying about it all now?

First, here's the sitch for those not in the know: Ashton used to be one of the biggest celeb Twitter personalities, like, ever.

Until he sounded off on the firing longtime football coach Joe Paterno seemingly without knowing the whole story (which, of course, involved allegations of serial pedophilia with one of Joe's fellow coaches).

Sure, he did his apologizing and whatnot—and, for the most part, was forgiven—but it hasn't been the same since.

"I think the biggest thing is it's a real-time service—the impulse is to sorta stay ahead of the curve and know what's going on," Ashton explained to us at the TCAs. "I just take that extra pause now and make sure I'm fully educated about what I'm talking about and just not to get that sort of impulse feedback, which I think is the biggest thing."

Commendable enough—especially since this dude does not need any more controversy in his life (if you've missed out on the other scandal in his life lately there were those rumors of cheating, to begin with).

And it seems the whippin' he took on Twitter has made him second guess some of the other, uh, questionable choices he's made in life:

Ashton continues: "It's is a great lesson for life too, taking that pause before you do and act and being sure what you're doing is what you want to be doing."

We don't want to read too much into anything, but with Ashton's newfound outlook on life—not to mention he was still wearing his wedding ring at the TCAs and wifey Demi Moore still hasn't ditched her married name in her Twitter handle—could it be that our fave couple isn't exactly ready to call it quits?!

Probably not, but we can keep our fingers crossed.

—Reporting by Drusilla Moorhouse

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