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Things are going to get just a wee bit stressful in The Hunger Games arena.

Who are we kidding? With Jennifer Lawrence starring as one of two dozen tributes trying to survive by killing off the other kiddos, things are going to be downright nervewracking once the game is a go—i.e., they'll sell you the whole seat but all you're going to need is the edge!

Heck, just look at the Katniss (Jen) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) and their fretful faces in this new pic from the flick. This got us wondering: Was filming one of the most anticipated movie of 2012 as stressful on the set as it will be onscreen?

The cast says no, but one Oscar-winning second unit director had a different take...

Steven Soderbergh.

"Gary Ross and I have known each other for a long time…I went down for a few days, but that made me really nervous," the director, who brought films like Traffic and Erin Brockovich to the big screen, told us at the premiere for his movie Haywire.

And while Steven has stayed pretty coy on what exactly he shot for the movie, it doesn't seem it was a totally carefree experience (BTW, here's hoping Soderbergh had a hand in some of the action-y stuff).

Steven continues: "If I'm shooting for me, I know when I've got what I want. But I'm shooting for Gary and I knew what he wanted and what the style of it was, but I was really nervous…I didn't hear from him for two weeks so I'm like, ‘S--t!' And then finally he calls me and goes ‘Oh, I'm so sorry I haven't called. I'm so happy with the stuff.' And I was really worried, like I blew it."

Too funny! And we're not at all surprised that Gary might be a little pressed for time these days. If anyone should be stressed out about adapting one of the most popular book series since Twilight, it's him.

And as for the actors?

Remember, the studio demanded the set be locked, which means lots of extra effort to keep things from the prying public—and more importantly, paparazzi—eyes. That then meant tons of security out in full force.

We caught up with actress Jacqueline Emerson—who plays the très mysterious Foxface in the film—and asked her if having a strictly closed set made work any more stressful:

"No, not at all," she told us about keeping secrets in and paparazzi and people out. "I saw one person once [try to break on set] but that was about it."

Good to know. Well, seems like things have been pretty anxiety-free so far…bet that won't last once the press tour starts!

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