Annalynne McCord

Simon Russell/WireImage

Yes, AnnaLynne McCord is perfectly aware that she posted a topless photo of herself online last week.

Wanna make something of it?!

"My only response to all these lovely people is, 'He who be without sin cast the first stone.' If you have never messed up or done anything wrong in your life, then please, feel free to judge me," the 90210 star told Global Grind in response to her inadvertant flash photography.

"I'm a human being and we make mistakes," she said simply.

Though McCord quickly—and silently—replaced the accidental pin-up-for-the-ages with a more demurely cropped shot (which was only meant to highlight her new necklace, anyway), it's hard to put one past the blogosphere, let alone the Twitterverse.

"BIG THX 2 4 giving me a voice regarding a bit of slander that was coming my way," McCord tweeted today with a link to her interview.

In other news, McCord is headed to Sundance next week (where, good timing, it's best to wear scarves and high-necked clothing to keep warm) for a screening of her latest movie, Excision.

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